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Why 5G?


Poster (A5 landscape)


Videos and interviews

Link index



5G and the environment, energy consumption

Planning consultation (removal of residents’ rights, 2021)



Hammersmith & Fulham


Welcome page / About us

Annex (for the tech-minded)


Our pamphlet for H&F councillors on liability

H&F pamphlet references


Our H&F petition and its impact

Background information

Follow-up community newsletter


Hall of Shame – the worst local radiation readings

Coverage checker – 5G signals from main telcos

Contacting MPs, Councillors and community groups



Campaigns on mast proposals

Ravenscourt Gardens, W6, (new)

Hartswood Road, W12, (stopped)

Dawes Road, SW6, (stopped)

Ellenborough House, Westway, W12, (stopped)

Wandsworth Bridge Road, SW6, near Hugon Road (stopped)

Charecroft Way, W14, (stopped by LBHF, overturned by Planning Inspectorate)

Bishops Avenue SW6 (stopped)

Fulham Palace Road, SW6, near Fulham Cross Academy (stopped)

Cobbs Hall, Fulham Palace Road, SW6, (stopped)

Twynholm Church, Lillie Road, Fulham Cross, SW6, (stopped)



Some tips for use in objections to masts

Selected news items


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