Pamphlets to inform, ideally for the more technically literate


 A summary of 5G issues from 5GExposed. Only 4 pages.


 Michael Bevington of ES-UK exposes serious flaws in the WHO and ICNIRP’s claims on health, 5G and RF wireless radiation. Only 9 pages.


 Michael Bevington of ES-UK rebuts ICNIRP’s claims on mobile phone safety. Only 3 pages.


 Prof Tom Butler exposes the risks to children from RF wireless radiation at school and in the home.


 Radiation Research Trust Director Eileen O’Connor responds to the recent consultation on making it easier to install apparatus for 5G. Only 5 pages.


 5G in Merton have produced a compact but comprehensive set of arguments for a halt on rolling out 5G – ‘Why The Precautionary Principle Needs to be Applied’. There’s some technical content, but it’s referenced and readable.


 Dr Sarah Starkey covers 'Inaccurate official assessment of radiofrequency safety by AGNIR'. Implicates ICNIRP and exposes conflicts of interest. Only 11 pages.


 Our own briefing for Hammersmith & Fulham Council on 5G health and liability issues, calling for a halt to the rollout and engagement with the community over the harm from radiation. (2022). Only 4 pages, not very technical, comprehensive references separate.


 Our own list of reference material for Hammersmith & Fulham Council on Wi-Fi in schools and other countries’ actions to limit mobile phone use.


 Our own 60GHz Scrapbook covering an unlicensed millimetre wave frequency that is likely to be used by future phones (fast wi-fi) and is a subject of health concerns.


 … and if you’ve got plenty of reading time, the most comprehensive study on 5G and EMF hazards by Martin L. Pall, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University…


  and if you’ve got plenty of reading stamina, the Bioinitiative Report (2012, updated 2019) is one of the first ground-breaking texts…


 … and if you just want a quick summary of the worst effects identified by Dr Pall, click here and scroll down. This page also lists the main UK government, GLA, EU and industry background documents on 5G.


 Finally, those interested in the Technocracy dimension, can see an in-depth blueprint for how the various control technologies might fit together: ‘The Battle for Humanity’.






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