Videos to enjoy


 A 2 minute summary introduction for those totally new to 5G. From Investigate Europe.


 A 10 minute video featuring a former President of Microsoft opposing 5G.


 The New Normal (featured - highly recommended). How the opportunity of the pandemic is being used within World Economic Forum circles to impose economic and social upheaval along with 5G. Although 53 minutes, never feels long


 In a recommended video of about 30 mins, Barrie Trower, a trustee of the Radiation Research Trust, covers radiation impact and provides a link on employers’ duty under UK law to protect employees’ health.


 In a solid explainer of about 90 mins, The 5G Trojan Horse, journalist Derrick Broze looks at both sides of the issue and covers the high-handed imposition of 5G.


 Some talks from the Radiation Research 2019 conference “Can Wireless Communications Damage Your Health?” are now available. There’s also an independent summary of the main conference points available.


 There are also plenty of links to videos on (Thanks, Dave!).


A dramatic full length film


 A full length film, 5G Apocalypse, of about 80 mins, explores the impact on health and privacy, and why officials have let us down. Not everyone will agree on all points, but this film is highly watchable.


Other materials


 …and finally, for knowledge enthusiasts, there’s a range of expert video interviews available from (2019). You can sometimes get free access online for a week by registering. There are also options to buy packages such as transcripts only, access to the full set online with/without a flash drive set. 






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