Some important things that you might not know about?


The government wants new 5G wireless technology rolled out to the whole country before 2027. This will have a massive effect on everybody’s lives.


Were you asked if this was what you wanted when big decisions were made?



Why the hype, why the hurry?


 Several reservations have been expressed on the justification and value for taxpayers’ money in promoting 5G if demand isn’t really there:


“…the business case for the investment required for the deployment of 5G is not yet established…. the Government and wider public sector can therefore play a vital role in driving early demand as a major purchaser of 5G services as well as helping to address issues around public perception…”

(p8/9, Next Generation Mobile Technologies: A 5G Strategy for the UK, March 2017)


 A report to the European Parliament, '5G Deployment': State of Play..’, came out just before the UK went live with 5G (2019). Researchers similarly warned that:


"Despite the hype around 5G, the benefits in terms of economic stimulation from new services and products in GDP and employment will not be seen in any country for some time."


 Leading privacy campaigners Privacy International had firm reservations on 5G.


Investigative IT website The Register highlighted how 5G was being developed for sinister population monitoring in the UK (using public funds) and China. Campaign group BigBrotherWatch outlined how UK police have been using indiscriminate facial recognition without due legal basis or scrutiny – and have highlighted how 98% of facial ‘matches’ by the Met have actually identified the wrong people!


 Steve Purser, a director of European communications security watchdog, ENISA, warned that the 5G technology had not been designed with security in mind, making it impossible to have “efficient security”.


 It seems really odd to want to push technology that hasn’t been tested for health effects, doesn’t meet government systems security policy and lacks a proper business case?


To add insult to injury, the government ran a consultation on removing communities’ rights to object to unwanted developments (such as masts). After heavy complaints from MPs and the public, it appears to be holding fire on changes to the law.


 Some commentators see the use of ever-pervasive technology is about the tracking and control of individuals, of which an extreme form is currently China’s Social Credit system (covered in the recommended video ‘The New Normal’).   


The hyped smartphone-based ‘vaccine passport’ is seen as a step in this direction, although, as in China. it could work short-term on pre-5G technology. BigBrotherWatch cover the case against it.


Others point to the cult of Technocracy, which seems to have advocates in World Economic Forum circles – the people who want ‘The Great Reset’ - sweeping changes over our lives - and who taught Boris and Biden to associate it with the phrase ‘Build Back Better’.



 We need a full and honest debate. This website is being developed to highlight growing concerns on 5G health, safety, privacy and security issues.


For now, here are plenty of links to help understand the key issues. For those who are technically minded, there is a technical Annex that links to key UK/EU documents.




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