Welcome to the ‘Say No To 5G’ campaign in LB Hammersmith & Fulham

We stand for:

A full, open and honest debate about 5G and plans to install it everywhere

A halt on installing technology that’s bad for us, animals and the environment




A bit of background information


The government wants new 5G mobile phone technology rolled out nationwide by 2027.


The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (LBH&F) has signed a contract allowing its street lights to be used for hosting ‘5G-ready small cells’. However, much of the earlier installations seem to be established technology (broadly 3G, 4G, wi-fi-like).


The ‘small cells’ – sometimes referred to as ‘mini-masts’ - are transmission devices typically fixed to the column of a street light; They are separate from the ‘hats’ on the lighting units (‘lanterns’) which are lower-tech devices focused on controlling street lighting.


Occasionally, telecoms companies (‘telcos’) submit a planning application to H&F Council for 5G ‘mobile phone masts’ – these would typically take the form of a number of mast antennae on the roof of a tall building, or a single large ugly mast (monopole).



lc3963-sm GIF



In recent years, there has been a massive expansion of cells/mini-masts within the borough – these do not need planning permission if they are below a certain size and power level.


The result is a growth of mast radiation*, particularly around population centres such as Fulham Broadway, Hammersmith Broadway and Uxbridge Road (W12), 

(See our Hall of Shame for some of the worst cases)





There has been no great public demand for this. It seems to have been driven by the government, who initially pushed the new tech as part of the EU 5G Action Plan.

There are also government-funded initiatives known loosely as ‘Smart Cities’, ‘The Internet of Things’ or even ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

If not stopped, the wider 5G project will have serious consequences for our health, our privacy and the environment. We didn’t stop the hospital closure only to put a new strain on our pressured health services.


Here are some of the locations where we’ve stopped masts…

wlc small

West London College, Talgarth Rd, W14


Peterborough Rd, Parsons Green, SW6

ClevEst-4226-sm GIF

Steventon Rd / Sundew Ave, W12

Coronavirus and St Peter's Church - St Peter's Church ...

St Peter’s Church (Verbena Gdns N), W6

Twynholm Baptist Church, Lillie Rd,, SW6


Ark Conway School, off Westway, W12


West Kensington Estate / Gibbs Green Estate, North End Rd, W14


Verulam House, Hammersmith Grove, W6



What we do locally


We measure mast radiation* levels, which typically peak at well above scientists’ recommended limit for exposure.


We maintain awareness of the type of technology being put in and in particular of new planning applications. Sometimes this involves submitting Freedom of Information Requests. We also try to keep apace of related developments, such as smartphone-based ‘vaccine passports’ and their implications’.


We network with residents and community groups, to make them aware of under-publicised new proposals, and encourage them to reply to H&F Council consultations.


We share our findings with decision-makers such as local MPs and councillors. Some have been persuaded to oppose recent planning applications!


We are working with like-minded groups and individuals across the country to share intelligence. We provide links to pamphlets, videos, websites etc. that might simplify the subject and help the public understand the key issues.


We are building a legal case for the removal of unsafe technology. We support and work with the national legal initiative, Action Against 5G


Our approach locally


Our campaign isn’t just about technology – it is very much about the people whose lives will be affected by it.


As a totally voluntary local group, we always seek to encourage activity - nobody is ever forced to become involved.


Working informally and flexibly, we try to maintain a good team spirit, and keep supporters updated via regular newsletters. We at all times respect and safeguard personal privacy.


In the early days of 5G (2019-20) we gave out a large number of leaflets to build public awareness, and successfully got many residents to write to their MP or Councillors. (We still encourage residents to write to ask them to oppose specific proposals, such as a local mast proposal or plans to remove national planning safeguards).

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One of our supporters asked a Public Question at a H&F Council meeting, and followed this up with a very successful petition. We have since trialled a Community Newsletter in the ward of the H&F Council Cabinet Member for Health.


We are open to new ideas, with a liking for the simple and the practical. We are committed to legal and peaceful means, with the quality of our research doing the hitting….


We want people to help out in ways that fit in with their available time and circumstances.



Contact us


If you can help with the above or on wider campaigning activities, please contact us without obligation – email hfnoto5g 'AT' gmail.com, or ring 07976-414913.



Please send any paper correspondence to PO Box 13199, London SW6 6ZU.


Many thanks,

‘Say No To 5G’ campaign in Hammersmith and Fulham



Data protection note: Safeguarding privacy, GDPR and your right to object



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* also referred to as EM radiation, RF radiation and microwave radiation.


PS The ‘5G Apocalypse’ and similar stickers that have sprung up on Dawes Rd, Fulham High St, and elsewhere are nothing to do with our campaign



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