Contact MPs, Councillors and groups in LB Hammersmith & Fulham


As local activists, we are keen to get some help for spreading awareness of 5G issues and getting local figures to oppose mast proposals.



For example you could use social media or lobby your MP or local councillors. Quick links:

Andrew Slaughter, MP for Hammersmith

Rt Hon Greg Hands, MP for Chelsea with Fulham


The government’s proposed removal of residents’ rights to object to masts and other unwanted developments still needs opposing.


Contact other community groups


If you are active within the community, you might find other groups responsive, particularly if there is a current mast proposal.


The Fulham Society

The Hammersmith Society


SOBUS  (directory of some community groups)


List of Tenants and Residents’ Association recognised by H&F Council


Many ex-council and private blocks will have their own resident representation.


You can also try web searches for other groups.


Remember also there are many health campaigners….






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