Council and government advisers in denial of reality on health and other effects. Get the facts…




Sally has produced some really good fact sheets (PDF)

On health. 

On environment and wildlife.

On what you can do.

Cover sheet (‘How green is 5G?’) PDF) if you want to make the above into a booklet.

References for the above (PDF).



Other reference material includes:

A cautionary tale about what mast radiation can do to communities.

A readable summary of some health issues relating to mast radiation.

Links for general information on 5G, including both shorter and in-depth pamphlets.

Action Against 5G national legal action on health and environment.







Other countries have already taken action to protect schools and kindergartens…

including the USA, Australia, India, Lithuania, Chile, Israel…


You can view the above graphic in full-size on this webpage.


This summer, an American court found that the FCC, the national body responsible for masts and safety, ignored evidence of key issues, such as:

·        impacts to wildlife and the environment

·        impacts to children,

·        impacts to the developing brain and reproduction.

·        the testimony of people injured by mast radiation,

·        impacts of long term exposure

As part of its ruling, the court ordered the FCC to address the impacts of radiation on children.

One of the people bringing the case concluded:

“This is a win for our children, our future, and our environment. The court’s decision should be a wake-up call worldwide"




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