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Websites to cover the important issues


 For now, here are some of the better websites covering the issues – prime consideration is given to being readable to non-experts:

5G in Merton - good local community site summarising issues concisely

Stop 5G - a hub for a growing number of local groups. Has resources.

Action Against 5G – set up for legal action, but some good resources

Environmental Health Trust

Electrosensitivity-UK (ES-UK) – good set of resources for sufferers


Bio Electromagnetic Research Initiative (BEMRI) - on safer alternatives

Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance (SSITA)

Wireless Education – on child safety

SafeG – on some safer alternatives

Li-Fi Centre, Edinburgh - technology of the future


Mothers for Safe Tech

RFinfo – resources  and some mast applications

Radiation Research Trust

Physicians for Safe Technology

Stop Smart Meters – UK site


5GExposed – legacy news site for 5G and smart meters

5GAppeal – scientists call for a halt ‘until technology proven safe

CellphoneTaskForce.Org - veteran campaigner Arthur Firstenberg

Mast Victims – intelligence about the roll-out of masts/cells

Fibre Action for Safer Telecom Technology – FASST, covers wildlife


The EMFGuy Blog – Canada’s Nick Pineault, covers issues clearly

For Life on Earth - asks some deep questions


 Here are some Industry websites, technical articles professionally exploring the practical issues and occasionally exposing hype:

Light Reading


Microwave News


The 5G Exchange, on the global market

5G Radar

Fierce Wireless


 Also worth a look for industry developments (technical).

ISP Review

Mobile Europe

RCR Wireless News


Operator Watch blog

Smart Cities World

MacWorld – latest chat about the next iPhones


 And if you are after a technical tutorial on the differences between 3G, 4G, 5G and how the technology fits together…try RF Wireless World

5G tutorial

4G terminology

Differences between 5G, 4G (and earlier technology)

Nokia explainer, covers evolution and basics of wireless communication






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