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DanGerous – not tested for safety

DisinGenuous – launched with hype and without a proper business case

SnoopinG – used for indiscriminate, intrusive facial recognition systems

EnerGy-Intensive – not eco-friendly

Money-BurninG –taxpayers’ hard earned money thrown at promoting 5G.





Some important things that you might not know about?


The government wants new 5G wireless technology rolled out to the whole country before 2027. This will have a massive effect on everybody’s lives. Were you asked if this was what you wanted when big decisions were made?



Mobile phone masts springing up like mushrooms after rain




Not all transmitters look like masts though – and some carry ‘Radio Frequency Hazard’ warning stickers high up a lamp-post. They all emit highly pulsing radiation, which can produce health effects.


The UK government is trying to accelerate the spread of masts/antennae by discouraging local authorities from banning them on health grounds. Local communities should have more rights to object, not less!




askew3355-sm GIF



Not all 5G transmitters will be easy to spot. The latest generation of ‘free Wi-Fi’ street kiosks are being proposed for shopping centres (such as Cheltenham). Other ‘5G-ready’ transmitters on street lights may look like small loudspeakers.



Many people are standing up for themselves and their families by joining anti-5G campaigns (and pre-Covid) supporting public meetings and marches. Across the world, petitions signed by hundreds of scientists have been handed to governments.

Locally, people are measuring mast radiation near schools and homes and petitioning local decision makers for a halt – amazingly 5G has not been tested as safe, with out-of-date standards focusing on far less important heating effects.






Find out more, take action


We are building a network of concerned citizens in London and beyond – people just like you. We want people to be active in ways that suit their own circumstances and free time – taking the initiative, but knowing help can be found where needed.


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See examples of high microwave radiation measurements in public places  



Support the national legal action against 5G on the Crowd Justice website. It’s organised under the banner of Action Against 5G and supported by lots of local groups and individuals.




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You can offer help in LB Hammersmith & Fulham or other areas, email contact ‘AT’







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